"Drive sustainable productivity improvements in the sheep and beef sector to deliver higher on-farm profitability"

The Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) is a collaboration between the Red Meat Sector and Government with the main aim of boosting sheep and beef farmer productivity and profitability.
Malcolm Bailey – Independent Chairman Red Meat Profit Partnership:

"The aim of RMPP is to give sheep and beef farmers practical ideas to lift their profitability. Its about farmers focusing on what they can control.

This will be done through enhanced extension methods to share insights into how the top farmers achieve their results. The development of database integration to enable easy data handling and benchmarking is also a key part of the programme.

The RMPP also aims to encourage more young and capable people into the sector. On farm quality assurance and telling our markets the story about our superb red meat products are also involved.

A lift in productivity and profitability on farms throughout NZ will give the whole sector a significant boost and be good for all New Zealanders."

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