What is is and how can I get involved?

The purpose of the RMPP Action Network is to grow profitability for farmers so that they can do the things they want to do. We are doing this by creating a positive environment for farmers to comfortably express their problems and ideas, gain knowledge from experts in their respective fields and have the confidence to take action. 

The impact of the RMPP Action Network we believe will be huge because when we have farmers being more profitable, this has both positive financial and social impacts in our rural communities and beyond.

RMPP Action Network is a farmer-led initiative which connects seven to nine farming businesses together who are facing similar challenges on-farm. With the support from expertise, which could come from a range of areas such as a high-performing local farmer mentor, farm consultant or soil scientist, farmers will have the confidence to put their own ideas into action.

What does it look like?

In a nutshell, RMPP Action Network supports farmer-led groups where you can access tailored expertise to make good ideas become action on-farm.   

What could it look like for a farm business keen to get involved.  

It is important to note that all of the steps below will be supported with the help of a rural professional and/or RMPP

1. Farm business registers through online system (or via phone).    This system is currently being built
2. A group is formed (called an Action Group) around a common goal, objective or interest.
3. Group draws up activities plan 
4. Each farm business writes down their own farm goals
5. As per activities plan, bring in the expertise 
6. After 12 months review, refine, evaluate

What is different to other programmes?

The groups formed through RMPP Action Network will be small, well facilitated, planned and have a shared vision.  

“In the past when extension type programmes have been offered there have been ideas and theories to improve on-farm performance but there was not the necessary follow up to help farmers put the practice into action.  I believe the RMPP pilot is focusing more on much needed implementation support”

John Macphee, Farmer involved in RMPP pilot, Hawke’s Bay