electronic Animal Status Declaration (eASD)

eASD has been developed by RMPP in conjunction with Ospri.  It's an electronic version of the current Animal Status Declaration forms. 

Seventy farmer suppliers to Silver Fern Farms' Finegand plant (near Balclutha, Otago) took part in a trial of the new eASD.  The trial saw cattle and sheep logged into the eASD system by the farmers.  This follows a successful initial proof of concept study completed last year by Anzco Foods, Greenlea Premier Meats and Progressive Meats. 

By mid-July, the eASD programme already had 80 users registered, who have created 418 eASDs, covering 117,951 livestock (6361 cattle, 111,590 sheep).

Following the trial, eASD is now available to all farmers who supply RMPP partners for farm to processor movements and, with the support of Deer Industry New Zealand (DINZ), eASD will also soon be available to all deer plants.  Silver Fern Farms is also planning a wider rollout to additional plants and three further RMPP partners, Greenlea, Anzco Foods and Progressive Meats, are planning to adopt eASD in the coming months.