"The closest thing farmers will get to winning Lotto when it comes to exploring what they think is important..."

NZ Farmer article 23 April 2018

"It's an opportunity for farmers to look at what really matters to them."

Agricultural consultant John King writes about his experience of Red Meat Profit Partnership's Action Network facilitation training in this NZ Farmer article.

Pupils get real taste of farm life

Otago Daily Times article 18 April 2018
National 2012 Ballance Farm Environment Awards supreme winners Jane and Blair Smith hosted a class from North Otago's Papakaio School, with the aim of showing how farms operate and sparking interest in future career paths.

The year 7 and 8 pupils went with teacher Damian Brown to Newhaven Farms, the Smiths' sheep and beef property northwest of Oamaru.

Read the rest of the Otago Daily Times' story here.

First Christchurch school takes part in national 100 schools project

RMPP media release, 16 April 2018

Christchurch pupils are learning how meat is produced as part of a new national education programme.

The project is fundedby the Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) – a Primary Growth Partnership programme – and delivered by NZ Young Farmers.  

It’ll see students from 100 primary schools study science and genetics before visiting a sheep and beef farm.

Pupils from St Anne’s Catholic School are the first in Canterbury to take part.

“I learned that when cows eat, their food comes back up and they chew it a bit more before swallowing it again,” said Year 4 student Ruby Swain after visiting Arion Farm Park.

Students got to move sheep between paddocks and feed goats during the hands-on field trip.

“The highlight for me was learning about a sheep’s diet and discovering that cows have four stomachs,” said Year 4 student Keyarn Prakash.

“It was a great experience,” beamed Year 5 student Luke Lovell.

“I learned that only certain breeds of sheep have horns and goats have strong gums so they can eat prickles.”

The aim of the programme is to help educate people about the variety of careers in the agri-food sector. 

“We want to get the industry on the radar of students and teachers, so they’re aware of the opportunities,” said RMPP project manager Di Falconer.

New Zealand’s red meat sector will need to find an extra 33,000 workers by 2025 to replace people who will retire or exit the industry.

“These are city kids who wouldn’t usually consider this field of work. So, it’s widened their horizons,” said teacher Josh Halkett.

“They all like to eat meat and weren’t shying away from the realities of producing it. They realise it has to come from somewhere.”

The project’s potentially changed Marshal Forrester’s career aspirations.

“I was going to be a wrestler, but after visiting Arion Farm Park I think the idea of being a farmer sounds pretty cool,” said the Year 6 student.

Teacher Josh Halkett’s even developed a card game called ‘Take the Trait’ to help students learn.

“The aim of the game is to match all six traits of their breed of sheep, such as long wool or marbled meat, to cards of either dominant or recessive genes,” he said.

“The first student to do that wins.”

Planning boost for farming partners

AWDT media release, 27 March 2018
Planning for long-term business success is the focus of a new programme for sheep and beef farming partners, developed in response to strong industry demand.

Launched this week, the programme equips farming partners to decide their business and family goals together, then use that to plan for and lead their teams.

Funded by the Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP), ‘Future Focus’ is initially being offered in seven rural centres, involving more than 100 participants.  Designed and delivered by the Agri-Women’s Development Trust (AWDT), each two-day programme will be held over two months.

Future Focus builds on AWDT’s Understanding Your Farming Business (UYFB) course which has been completed by more than 780 women since 2014. It follows a pilot last year with 16 farming couples and research into what is needed to lift farm performance.

AWDT executive director Lindy Nelson said the new programme recognises that joint planning and decision making is vital to business success.

“There is plenty of research, including our own, showing farming businesses perform better when the business aspirations of both partners are agreed and aligned. We also know that many couples have never had the opportunity to go through a process where they look to a far horizon, decide together what this should look like and how they will get there.”

Mrs Nelson said the couples will consider how the vital elements of people, the environment and profitability will fit into the future success of their businesses, against the background of rapid change being faced by the red meat sector.

RMPP chairman Malcolm Bailey says RMPP’s successful UYFB courses has created strong demand from farmers for other courses to enable them to take time out together with their partners and key farm business decision makers to work on the business, instead of in the business.

Course participants will develop a business vision and goals, and then an action plan with specific results to achieve them. They will learn how to keep their plan on track, how to overcome obstacles and how to engage and lead the wider farming team - including staff, bankers and advisors.

Starting in May and June, Future Focus will be held Gore, Oamaru, Amberley, Whangarei, Te Kuiti, Whanganui and Dannevirke. Further information is available at www.awdt.org.nz.



Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) is a Primary Growth Partnership programme that is working to help the red meat sector increase productivity and profitability.  RMPP is funded by meat processors, banks, Beef + Lamb New Zealand and The Ministry for Primary Industries.

AWDT is a charitable trust that equips and support women to generate economic, social and environmental progress in the primary sector and rural communities. 

With support from industry partners, AWDT researches, designs and delivers programmes that give women the tools, confidence and know-how to lead and contribute in new ways. 

Understanding Your Farming Business (UYFB) is a four-month programme for sheep and beef farming women to engage as critical partners in their farming businesses.  

First South Island school visit to farm impresses

Otago Daily Times article 16 March 2018
Twenty-nine students from city school Liberton Christian School visited the Hope family's sheep and beef farm between Middlemarch and Outram.
It was the first South Island school to visit a farm as part of a national project putting pupils from 100 schools on to farms, a project funded by the Red Meat Profit Partnership and delivered by New Zealand Young Farmers.
The aim of the joint project was to help pupils and teachers understand the career opportunities available in the agri-food sector.
Read more about the Otago Daily Times' report on this visit here.

First South Island farm visit impresses

First South Island farm visit impresses

From City to Farm - Kelston Girls High get their gumboots ready

Education Case Study (December 2017)

A new course to let students get a good look at career opportunities from pasture to plate and a new NCEA Level 1 geography assessment are being added to the Kelston Girls College curriculum in 2018, thanks to a Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) initiative earlier this year.  Read More

Rural day out inspires Taranaki students

RMPP Press Release (11 December 2017)
Year 7 & 8 students from Highlands Intermediate in New Plymouth recently took part in the 'Bigger and Better' discovery day to inspire students to consider a career in sheep and beef farming.  The discovery day, funded and facilitated by the Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) in conjunction with New Zealand Young Farmers and CORE education, has been developed for teachers to align with their Year 6-8 curriculum. Read More

Understanding Your Farming Business programme expands in 2018

ODT (20 November 2017)

The RMMP funded 'Understanding Your Farming Business' development programme for women is set to expand in 2018 to benefit 500 more farms throughout New Zealand.   Read full article here.

Click here for 2018 UFYB course information

RMPP Chairman Malcolm Bailey on Radio Sport

Radio Sport  (12 November 2017)

Click here to hear RMPP Chairman Malcolm Bailey interviewed by the Rural Exchange team on the RMPP programme and outputs to date.

How to lift farm performance with small tweaks

NZ Farmer (8 November 2017)

Click here to read more about brothers, Matt and Joe McRae and how they have achieved success through small changes to their system.

Meat industry means business for students

Case Study (30 October 2017)

Click here to read about the RMPP teaching resource that is proving a big hit with city based teachers.

Red meat pilot project inspires full review

NZ Farmer (18 October 2017)

Click here to read more about RMPP pilot farmers, David and Sarah Smith and the awesome achievements they have made in the past couple of years.

Small Changes pay off big for Bulleids

NZ Farmer (11 October 2017)

Click here to read about one of our pilot farmers and the gains they are making on their farm in Southland.

Women are critical farming partners

The Herald (9 October 2017)

Click here to read more about the fantastic achievements of some of the women who have gone through the Understanding Your Farming Business programme.

Streamlining the electronic connection of farm gate to plate

NZ Farmer (29 August 2017)

Click here to read more about how 3 RMPP initiatives are helping streamline real-time proof of origin.

A prime cut above the rest

The Herald (20 July 2017)

Click here to read more from our partner ANZ about the work we have done together around high performing farmers and what makes them tick!

Farmers see gains from Red Meat Profit Partnership

The Herald (19 June 2017)

Click here to read more about the initiatives RMPP are starting to roll out to the sheep and beef sector and how farmers can benefit from these.

Benefits for farmers starting to emerge from largest red meat Primary Growth Partnership programme.

Press Release (12 June)

Click here to read more about an event held in Wellington in early June 2017, giving an update on RMPP projects and what benefits farmers will start seeing as more tools and resources are rolled out.

School students learn about red meat sector careers at Fieldays

Press Release (17 June 2017)
National Fieldays this year had some city visitors from Auckland secondary schools learning about red meat sector careers. You can find out more about their visit here.

Big benefits for farmers in data ownership

NZ Farmer (22 May 2017)
Click here to read more about how farm data is being used by external parties and what standards are in place to ensure data is being used appropriately.

Shifting lambing dates proves worthwhile

NZ Farmer (18 May 2017)

Click here to learn about what Southland farmers, Tom and Nicola Wylie, have achieved through the extension design pilot project.

Pukepoto Farm Trust are Ahuwhenua Awards finalists for 2017

Case Study (9 May 2017)
Pukepoto Farm Trust are part of the wider Awhina Group, some of whom are part of the pilot extension project. They are finalists in this year's Ahuwhenua Maori Sheep & Beef Farming Excellence Awards. Read more about the story behind their successes here.

Computer courses available in 2017

Press Release (April 2017)
New dates have been set for the popular computer courses created specifically with farmers in mind. Click here to read more.

Trial to end paper trail promising

Farmers Weekly (30 March 2017)
Click here to read about the latest eASD trials being conducted at the Silver Fern Farms Finegand plant.

More schools giving ag a tick

Farmers Weekly (30 March 2017)
Click here to read more about what options schools now have to get their students involved in the wider primary sector.

Red Meat Needs to Change

NZ Herald (13 March 2017)
Click here to read more from RMPP General Manager, Michael Smith and Board Chair, Malcolm Bailey about how our sector can make leaps forward.

Profits rise on pilot farms

NZ Farmer (9 March 2017)
Click here to read more about how our pilot farms have created success through being involved in the RMPP extension project.

Sheep & Beef Farmers can lift profitability

Press Release (7 March 2017)
Click here to read our latest results from the first year pilot farmer evaluations. Why are they getting such great results? Read on.....

Doing the Small Things Better

Farmers Weekly (6 March 2017)
Click here to see more from the RMPP Board Chair about how small tweaks to a farm system can have great benefit to the bottom line.

Red Meat Story ready for the telling

Farmers Weekly (20 February 2017)
Click here to read more about Beef + Lamb NZ's red meat strategy and how the work RMPP are doing around the NZ Farm Assurance Programme is critical to this.

Taranaki Rural Business Network Launched

NZ Farmer (10 February 2017)
Click here to read more about where Mike Peterson, NZ's Special Agricultural Trade Envoy, thinks our sector needs to focus in order to reach our potential.

NCEA credits now available with an agricultural flavor

Press Release (January 2017)
Click hereto read more about the new agriculture resources for schools in maths, science and english that are now available throughout New Zealand.

Grazing trial uncovers big gains

Northern Advocate (19 January 2017)
Click here to see the surprising results one of our farmers, James Donaldson, found in a recent trial comparing rotational grazing to set stocking

Growing great taste from pasture to plate

Sponsored content (19 December 2016)
Click here to read more about how Silver Fern Farms are encouraging our trial farmers to learn more about the entire food chain.

Leadership skills of students celebrated in red meat sector

Press Release (16 December 2016)
Click here to read more about RMPP's leadership pathways programme aimed at up-skilling our talented secondary school students.

Farm profit programme expands

Farmers Weekly (30 November 2016)
Click here to read more about the opportunity for more farming women to increase their understanding of their farm businesses in 2017 and beyond.

No bad part to first job

NZ Farmer (23 November 2016)
Click here to read more about one of our industry's up and coming leaders and what she has learnt from her first job out of University with ANZCO.

Working with farmers a privilege

NZ Farmer (17 November 2016)
Click here to read more about Shona Frengley, Alliance Technical Manager, and what she enjoys about her role within the RMPP programme.

New data system makes life simple

NZ Farmer (14 November 2016)
Click here to read more about the changes Leveson and Vicky Gower have made on their King Country property where IT-based farm management systems have been crucial.

Farm course boost for Maori women

NZ Farmer (14 November 2016)
Click here to learn more about our pilot with Maori women who were keen to do through the 'Understanding Your Farming Business' course.

The Long Trek Home

NZ Farmer (9 November 2016)
Click here to read more about Greg Clark, Livestock Rep at Greenlea Premier Meats as he talks about his role supporting RMPP and how he sees the changing relationship between processors and farmers.

Scheme spurs massive rethink

NZ Herald (4 November 2016)
Click here to read more about the big changes David Kidd has made to his farming system after being involved in the RMPP Extension project.

Graduates take red meat path

Otago Daily Times (31 October 2016)
Click here to read more about how Telford graduates are heading off to make their mark on the red meat sector.

Sustainable improvements through RMPP

Rural Delivery (29 October 2016)
Click here to learn more about what David and Sarah Smith from East Otago have achieved in the last 14 months as part of the RMPP programme.

Southland farmers challenged to match profit levels of high performers

NZ Farmer (26 October 2016)
Click here to learn more about what RMPP are doing to support the red meat sector in Southland.

Rural mentor programme helps rural businesses

Hawke's Bay Today (26 October 2016)
Click here
to read more about the rural mentor programme

One perfect leap for a lamb

NZ Farmer (18 October 2016)
After our Communications Manager, Natalie Bowie, posted a photo to our Facebook page of a lamp leaping in the air, things started going a little crazy! Click here to learn more.

Industry collaborating to create single standard for farmers

Press Release (13 October 2016)
Click here
to learn more about the New Zealand Farm Assurance Programme which is being rolled out from this month.

Production and Profit Gains Catalyst for joining Programme

Press Release (7 October 2016)
Click here to learn more about how James and Kate McKay are working with experts to make production gains on their North Wairarapa farm.

Need to ease farm path urgent

Farmers Weekly (7 October 2016)
Click here to learn more about how RMPP are helping support farmers make more informed decisions when it comes to looking at farm business ownership pathways.

Red Meat Network supporting Tertiary students

Press Release (5 October 2016)
Click here to learn more about how RMPP are encouraging Tertiary students to explore their options in the red meat sector.

New red meat marketing strategy tells farming story

Beef + Lamb New Zealand (28 September 2016)
RMPP are involved in the new Beef + Lamb New Zealand market development strategy. Click here to read more about it

Family put cropping skills to good use

NZ Farmer (12 September 2016)
Click here

Reliable water supply worth the wait

NZ Farmer (19 August 2016)
Click here

Farms perform better with a plan

Farmers Weekly (29 August 2016)
Click here

Meat companies work together to lift farmers

NZ Farmer (17 August 2016)
Click to view

Southland club the biggest in NZ

NZ Farmer (17 August 2016)
Click here

More business understanding gives Southland sheep farmer positive outlook

NZ Farmer (16 August 2016)
Click here

Kiwi invited to world farmer forum

NZ Farmer (5 August 2016)
Click to view.

Gradual change boosts returns

Farmers Weekly (6 July 2016)
Click to view

Marton couple aim to lift farm profits from joining research partnership

NZ Farmer (4 July 2016)
Click to view.

Young Southland sheep farmers produce faster growing lambs

NZ Farmer (27 June 2016)
Click to view

Couple impressed with RMPP programme

Otago Daily Times (21 June 2016)
Click to view

New Courses help farmers put technology to work

Media Release (7 June 2016)

The Red Meat Profit Partnership is to launch a series of computer courses to help farmers put technology to work.

"On New Zealand farms, the computer is now as important as the quad bike," says RMPP General Manager Michael Smith.

"This work comes after the conclusion of a successful pilot programme that was held in 2015. We're offering new courses to help farmers get the most out of IT and computers, because that will allow them to make more informed business decisions." Click to view full article.

Red Meat Profit Partnership study gathers vital data to help boost productivity in sector

Media Release (13 April 2016)
Nearly half of New Zealand's sheep and beef farmers are strong planners, change-focused and open to advice and outside support to help lift productivity, new research has found.

However, many remain cautious about change, believe profits are largely determined by off-farm forces and have not used digital farm management tools.

Over one thousand farmers took part in the study, commissioned by the Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP), a Primary Growth Partnership programme working to help the red meat sector increase productivity and profitability. Click to view full article.

First Farm Data Code of Practice accreditations give farmers certainty

Media Release (3 March 2016)
The first accreditations have been approved for the Farm Data Code of Practice. The code sets the rules for how farmers' data is handled between various organisations.

Leading farm management software provider Farmax was the first company to begin the accreditation process, followed by farm information hub Farm IQ Systems and environmental management information host Gateway Data Services. Click to view full article.