Extension Design Project

What is this all about and how can I get involved?

Supported by our meat processor partners, over seventy farm businesses and a range of rural professionals throughout New Zealand are participating in a three-year trial. These trials are testing different approaches to farmer learning.

The purpose of this is to work out which ways farmers learn best. From this we can help grow farmer's confidence to make better decisions in their farming businesses.

Results so far

We have recently completed the first year evaluations of our trial farmers. The farmers who are seeing the most positive outcomes are doing three things:

1) Getting independent experts on-farm to advise on specific challenges and how to deal with them
2) Connecting with other farmers and trusted advisors to put their ideas into action
3) Doing more measuring and monitoring that helps in decision making

So what is different?

The red meat sector has achieved significant gains over the past 30 years yet there is still an opportunity to convert this to higher profitability. In order to achieve good results we need to make sure there is:

1) Access to appropriate information, activities and support
2) An environment surrounding the farm business that provides farmers with confidence to act
3) Information that is customised to the farm business and that has been tested with others
4) Rural professionals who are matched both to the farmer's business needs and style of working

So what does RMPP Action Network actually look like?

We are currently developing RMPP Action Network alongside the farmers who have been involved in the current trial. By September 2017 we will have more information about what RMPP Action Network will actually look like for farmers. As we finalise this information, we will be contacting farming businesses who have registered their interest to give an update.

Now its your turn!

The RMPP farm pilots have benefited from working with others to apply their knowledge to lift their farm performance.

Now we want to get more farms involved.

If this sounds interesting to you and you want to learn more as we look to roll out RMPP Action Network please  register your interest below and we will keep you up to date with the next steps.