Chris Brosnahan - RMPP Systems & Process Manager

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Ko Aoraki te mauka.
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Ko Chris Brosnahan tōku ikoa.

Tell us about your background
Shortly after graduating from Lincoln University with a Masters in Agricultural Science degree, I moved to Melbourne and worked at a government dairy research laboratory in the countryside of Werribee. While there, a small computer network was introduced but after a year the IT support person left.  At that time you didn’t need formal qualifications to get a job in IT, you only had to put your hand up!  So while acting in the IT support role I studied part time for a couple of years for a Graduate Diploma in IT, and the rest, as they say, is history.

After six years living in Australia, my wife and I returned to NZ just before our daughter’s first birthday, and I continued to progress in various IT support roles in private, government and not-for-profit roles in Wellington organisations.  Most recently I have been a network engineering team leader and a business analyst / technical writer on contract.

What does your role at RMPP involve?

The Action Network has just been launched so this is a great time to be starting in this role.  There is a lot to learn, not just the technical aspects of systems and processes, but how RMPP Action Network utilises best practice extension that enables knowledge to be put into action to deliver significant and sustainable benefits on-farm.
My role will be to support those front facing people by managing the back end systems that will record, analyse and present the information collected from Action Network Groups. It will include a mix of enhancing processes, managing systems, analysing and reporting on outcomes.

What is the most challenging aspect of Systems Management?

Probably the challenge of systems management is ensuring that it is people driving the technology and not vice versa.  Systems are only a tool to help make people’s lives easier, by capturing data and  presenting information in more understandable ways.  For RMPP Action Network, this means managing a system that supports group extension activities, making it easy for farmers and rural professionals to use, and to ensure that we can measure success bought about by the farmer groups initiatives. I get the opportunity to use my agricultural qualifications and combine them with my interest in information technology.