electronic Animal Status Declaration (eASD)

eASD was developed by RMPP in conjunction with OSPRI.  It's an electronic version of the current Animal Status Declaration forms. 

Following a successful proof of concept completed by ANZCO Foods, Greenlea Premier Meats and Progressive Meats and a larger scale trial at the Silver Fern Farms Finegand plant, eASD has now been adopted by 24 RMPP partner and deer plants. So far, more than 760 farmers have registered for eASD.  This number continues to grow.

eASD offers several benefits over a paper ASD form, including:

  • farmers find it’s quicker and easier than a paper form
  • reduced administration for both farmers and processors
  • greatly improved data accuracy
  • fewer processing delays at plant.

Currently, eASD is only available for farm to processor movements. 

Once a farmer has completed their first eASD, all the information is pre-filled for future ones – adding efficiency and eliminating the risk of mistakes.

To find out whether your farm business can benefit from eASD, please contact your processor.