Extension Design Project

The challenge
The uptake of knowledge and its application in sheep and beef farms is hugely variable There is a widening profit gap between top performers and the mid-tier. Widespread uptake of knowledge and the resulting changes on farm will lead to sector-wide improvements in productivity and profitability.

The status quo
The red meat sector has invested heavily in farmer knowledge and practice change over the years with varying success. There is limited formal evaluation around why some ways of acquiring knowledge are more successful than others. This has meant that traditional ways to provide information are continuing to be used but with limited understanding as to whether farmers are actually benefiting at all.

Project objective
The aim of this project was to enable the creation of a collaborative national extension system. This has happened – and RMPP Action Network is launched. Click here to find out more about RMPP Action Network.

Extension System model

RMPP has done a lot of research with farmers and how best they take up knowledge and turn that into action on-farm. Out of this research the RMPP Extension System was created. 

Watch the short video that explains the parts of the model.

Year one pilot farmer results

The extension design project has involved over seventy farm businesses, currently participating in a three-year trial. These trials will test different extension approaches. The purpose of this is to work out the best way farmers learn and help give them the confidence to make better decisions in their farming businesses. You can read more here

Below is a PDF of a booklet which outlines what the pilot farmers achieved after their first year being involved in the programme. You can download it as a PDF or email us to request a copy in the post.

Year two pilot farmer results

Read about farmers involved in the RMPP Extension Design Project. This booklet provides a two year review and covers:

- Our farm objectives
- What we have achieved
- What benefits we found from being involved
- Future plans

You can download it as a PDF or email us to request a copy in the post.

Couple impressed with RMPP programme

Growing up on a pig farm near Oamaru, David Smith wanted nothing else but to be a sheep and beef farmer.Leaving school as soon as he was able, he worked on properties around the Waitaki district pursuing that dream.

"That was me. I always had a passion for it,'' Mr Smith said.

For the past 10 years, he and his wife, Sarah, have been farming Mt Watkins, a hill country property inland from Waikouaiti.
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$100,000 in additional revenue generated through the programme

At first sceptics to the RMPP pilot farmer programme, the Hodgen family are now advocating as to why other farmers should look at coming on board the national rollout of the programme. Have a listen here to the Hodgen story as told by Dan Hodgen at the recent Beef + Lamb New Zealand FarmSmart day.

How you can get involved

RMPP Action Network is an opportunity for all commercial farmers contributing to the production of red meat to get involved. See the website here for more details.