Farm Business Transition and Succession workshops

Over half of New Zealand farmers identify succession planning as an issue for them, their family and their farm business.

RMPP developed a workshop series that takes farm businesses through the transition and succession of a farm business. 

Participants were required to attend three half day workshops spread over a three-four-month period followed by a one-on-one clinic. 

Workshop one
Understanding the family farm business recognizes the importance of understanding what all family members want and need from the transition and succession process.  This is the essential first step in the development of the family farm business transition and succession plan. 

Participants gained an understanding of the connections and systems that exist or need to exist in a family business (individuals, family, management and ownership). They identified how to manage family relationships to enable a successful transition of both the business management and ownership without compromising family happiness of business success.

Workshop two
Management of the family farm business focused on establishing and maintaining strong management foundations in the family business.

Participants gained an understanding of the structures and processes to have in place in order to build a successful and profitable family business. They identified the structures and processes  to investigate and implement to secure the management foundations of the family farm business.

Workshop three
Ownership of the family farm business covers all aspects of farm ownership models.
Participants left this workshop knowing all the documents they needed to have in place that are required to ensure their wishes are carried out or, have a greater understanding of where they could get them. 

One-on-one clinic
As part of this workshop series, participants had the opportunity to attend a one-on-one clinic with a facilitator and experts.  This was an opportunity to discuss their individual/family issues.