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Do you think the Red Meat Sector has a good future?

NZ Farmer | RMPP Chairman, Malcolm Bailey (December 2014)
Are you making enough money? Are you performing in the top 20% of red meat farmers? Are you enjoying running your farm? Are you making a better return on your investment than the average dairy farmer? Do you think the Red Meat sector has a good future? View full article.

Pulpit - It's time for farmer efficiency

Farmers Weekly News, Jane Smith, RMPP Independent Director (1 October 2014)

Albert Einstein's wise words "The most important thing is not to ever stop questioning how to do things better" align perfectly with the business of farming. We always have the opportunity to do things more effectively, more efficiently and at a continuously elevated level – but this takes a huge amount of time, effort and vision. View full article.

Partnership a boost for the red meat sector

Farmers News Weekly, Hugh Stringleman (Two years ago)

The much-heralded Red Meat Profit Partnership has been signed and launched and a general manager, Duncan McKinnon, appointed. The Primary Growth Partnership (PGP) involves the Government and co-investors Alliance Group, ANZCO Foods, ANZ Bank, Beef + Lamb New Zealand, Blue Sky Meats, Greenlea Premier Meats, Progressive Meats, Rabobank, and Silver Fern Farms. View full article.

The Red Meat Profit Partnership Gets Down to Business

Media Release (20 May 2014)

The Red Meat Profit Partnership is now fully established as a limited partnership and has appointed a board of directors.

The collaboration between the red meat sector and government draws together nine industry partners, including Beef + Lamb New Zealand. View full article.