NZ Red Meat Story

The Challenge
Value chain participants and stakeholders, including regulators, NGOS and other interest and advocacy groups, farmers, processors, importers, retailers and end consumers, are becoming increasingly focused on the way food products are produced. While their specific interests may be many and varied, they centre commonly around ethical, food safety and environmental issues.

The Status Quo
There are a number of organisations who support various parts of the value chain. They have intimate knowledge of the parts of the chain they work in but there is little information about all of these parts and how they fit together. This does not allow the sector to verify the integrity of the projects which makes it difficult for those organisations tasked with telling the red meat story.

Project Objective
There is an opportunity to build a consistent set of 'baseline' messaging and materials to support the value proposition that underpins New Zealand's red meat products and the sector's production and processing systems.

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