Resources and tools

Farmer Self-Assessment 

The ‘Red Meat Sector Self-Assessment’ is designed to help farmers identify areas in their day-to-day practices that may not currently meet the minimum requirements or that could be improved upon to meet the standard of ‘good practice’.

The assessment measures competencies in areas such as team culture, health, safety, wellbeing, careers, remuneration and work/life balance, and provides clear direction to valuable resources that will help farmers to bridge the gaps in their practices. 

Click here to access the Red Meat Sector Self-Assessment pdf. 

Business Planning (BizPlan)
There are business tools available to support planning and decision making on-farm. 
BizPlan is an online business planning tool that helps farm businesses identify goals and develop an Action Plan to assist in the achievement of these.
Click here, to access the Beef + Lamb New Zealand Knowledge Hub where you can sign up and access BizPlan.

Key Performance Indicators and Benchmarking
Working with farmers and rural professionals, a mix of ten financial and production key performance indicators (KPIs), have been identified as fundamental to measuring the performance of a farm business.  The KPIs are designed to enable year-on-year trends to be identified on-farm and benchmarked within a region and farm class.
The KPIs are available as online tools, click here to access the Beef + Lamb New Zealand Knowledge Hub, an account will need to be created.