Review of Red Meat Profit Partnership

The Red Meat Profit Partnership has received recognition of its achievements in a mid-programme review, RMPP Chairman
Malcolm Bailey says.

RMPP is a Primary Growth Partnership project, jointly funded by Government, Beef + Lamb New Zealand, two banks, and six
meat processors.

It aims to improve the financial performance of sheep and beef
farmers by helping them access resources to drive sustainable
productivity improvements.

RMPP’s progress has been independently reviewed by Wellington-based firm Maven Consulting Ltd, and that review report has been published on the Ministry for Primary Industries’ website.

Mr Bailey says the review provided an opportunity to obtain an independent view on progress. 

“We want RMPP to deliver for farmers and the industry and identifying areas for improvement is just as important as recognising what has gone well”.

Mr Bailey says the review recognises a number of significant achievements by the organisation.

These include:

  • Securing collaboration between a wide range of diverse sector participants;
  • Moving extension from pilot to roll-out far ahead of schedule;
  • Gaining credibility and traction in the areas of attracting talent and capability development;
  • Engaging a lot more farming women in farm management and planning
  • Wide industry acceptance of electronic Animal Status Declaration (eASD); and
  • Securing broad industry commitment to the New Zealand Farm Assurance Programme.

Mr Bailey says the review provides a valuable snapshot of the organisation as it was at the time of review.

“Has everything gone as we planned? No. There is inherent risk in the RMPP programme and we have to deal with that.  RMPP has undergone significant change, as the programme moves from the learnings of the research phase to delivery phase”.

The report notes that the programme has made significant progress subsequently.

“The tools for farmers have been developed, and now a big engagement drive is underway. We aim to get 3,000 farms around New Zealand joining RMPP Action Network groups of about eight farms with the objective of working with each other and expert advisors to raise production and profit”.

Mr Bailey also noted the need to shift more resources to stakeholder engagement.

“The review sees this as a critical area, as do we, which is why RMPP is investing in extra staff.”

Mr Bailey says RMPP has implemented the recommendations by the review team and as Chairman, he is confident the organisation is well placed to achieve its goals.