Meat industry means business for students

A new teaching resource focusing on the meat industry has been prepared for use with secondary school students.The “Red Meat Industry: Challenges and opportunities for the future” resource has been written to give secondary school teachers topical material for a range of year nine and 10 subjects, including business, economics, science and social science among others. It also leads towards Level 1 National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) assessments, that usually begin to be taken in Y11.

Lloyd Gutteridge, specialist subject leader in Innovation, Curiosity and Enterprise (ICE) at Albany Senior High School on Auckland’s North Shore was brought in as a specialist in secondary education about business, which draws on the more common topics of accounting and economics. He has written several textbooks, including New Zealand’s only schools textbook for business, for both NCEA and International Baccalaureate curriculum.

He first worked on the resource in November 2016. The development of the resource is a partnership, with CORE a Wellington based educational consultant playing a role, alongside New Zealand Young Farmers and the Red Meat Profit Partnership which has funded the project, he says. The material has specifically been written with urban schools in mind, where students might not have had any connection with the rural world.

“I was writing it as a teacher who teaches in New Zealand’s largest city and I always had the student on my shoulder,” he says. For that reason, he brought in topics with which students are familiar, “burgers, McDonald’s and synthetic foods, like the Impossible Burger.”

“There was lots of discussion, but what we’ve ended up with is something that will work,” he says, adding he trusted his instincts as a full-time Y11-13 teacher, also gaining feedback from his Y11 students, who asked pertinent and probing questions to help shape the material.

“It was intentionally written as a cross-curricular resource. The starting point is to introduce kids to business/enterprise studies. Primarily, it can be used to teach kids studying social science in Y9, economics and business in Y10, but it would equally have application in other subjects, such as science or geography.

”The resource focuses on innovation, entrepreneurship, globalisation and sustainability, which draws attention to the red meat industry as a career option for the Y9-10 students.

The draft has been out for consultation and the new material is now available for teachers as part of a package with other new resources at the start of the 2018 academic year.While the research includes learning outcomes, no lesson plans have been included. To get real value out of the resource, he has recommended CORE brings together teachers into a workshop led by the writer. 

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Lloyd Gutteridge, ICE Teacher at Albany Senior High School
Lloyd Gutteridge, ICE Teacher at Albany Senior High School