Our sector's future

Almost any job you do, you can do in agriculture. To encourage and support the next generation of top talent into the red meat sector, a number of initiatives cater for students of different ages, to help them understand the wealth of career opportunities available. 

Primary schools - matching schools to farms

Together with New Zealand Young Farmers and CORE Education, RMPP developed resources to support teachers to view the agricultural sector as a worthwhile context for teaching and learning. Called 'Boots & All' and 'Bigger and Better', the resources are designed for years 6-8 and align to the NZ curriculum.  As part of this project the schools that complete a resource can be matched to a local sheep and beef farm to give students the opportunity to visit a farm during the year.

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Oamaru Intermediate School            Hāwera Intermediate            Liberton Christian School

Secondary schools - general curriculum

To put agriculture on the radar of secondary students, and promote careers in the sector, sheep and beef examples have been matched to general curriculum subjects, such as English, maths and science.

The resources and assessment material developed to date are for years 9 – 12. All NCEA resources have now received the New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) Quality Assured Assessment Materials (QAAM) trademark.

Teachers can access these resources on the 'Agrication' website.  Hear from Albany High School teacher,
Lloyd Gutteride, about new resources being developed

TeenAg Club

More than 100 TeenAg Clubs throughout New Zealand secondary schools bring young people together to learn practical and personal skills, which are similar to Young Farmer Clubs. RMPP contributed funding to New Zealand Young Farmers, which co-ordinates the clubs.

TeenAg Club members are able to join a Leadership Pathway Programme (see below), to help them develop their leadership skills. 

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Southland Girls High School                   Greer Baldwin, St Paul's Collegiate

Leadership Pathway Programme

Students in TeenAg Clubs can apply to complete the Leadership Pathway Programme to harness and develop their leadership skills. Online modules are offered in event management, fundraising, sponsorship and goal setting. The modules use video content to bring examples of the topics to life for students. 

For more information contact your local New Zealand Young Farmers Territory Manager or email the
Project Manager, Secondary email mary.holmes@youngfarmers.co.nz, phone 021 996 498.  

Tertiary level - Future Food Network

Think that the red meat sector is all about sheep and gumboots? Well think again!

The Future Food Network (FFN) gives tertiary students a chance to learn more about the diverse and amazing opportunities in the sheep and beef sector. From banking to science, research to communications, the FFN enables students to establish networks and learn from people who work in all parts of the red meat supply chain.

Tertiary students meet every two months to listen, learn from and talk to industry leaders. Keynote speakers include farmers, suppliers to red meat sector, stock managers, fertilizer company experts , national and international meat processing, marketing and retail staff, international trade envoys and members of industry organisations. 

Run on behalf of RMPP by New Zealand Young Farmers, the programme helps students develop an industry network before they leave their educational/training institutions. This has lead to job opportunities for some of those involved in the past. Click here for more or visit the FFN Facebook page

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Massey University Club

Massey University RMN members with Emma Higgins, Analyst with Rabobank

Massey University RMN members with Emma Higgins, Analyst with Rabobank